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Credit Card or Debit Card

Membership Fee: $

You can pay by debit or credit card online through Western Union. Just login to Western Union
(or register if you aren’t already registered)
1) Once logged in, click “Pay Bills” near the top of the page.
2) Enter our Biller name which is: Consumer Credit Services
Make sure it is spelled correctly or else it may get misrouted.
3) Enter your Membership Fee Payment Amount of $59.95 and click “GET STARTED“.
4) On the next page enter your Account Number which is your first initial and your last name.
5) Provide your credit or debit card information and process the order.
You can pay using any of the methods provided by Western Union. Western Union charges a fee for their service.
6) Please email us when you send payment. We will process it the same day or within 1 business day.