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As we told you on our website, you need to apply with our Lending Partners and we guarantee you will be approved for the amount you requested or you will receive a prorated or full refund based on the amount you are actually approved for subject to the terms and conditions to which you agreed. See terms and conditions (below) for further details.  If you have any questions or problems, it should be covered in the terms and conditions or please feel free to email us at info@ConsumerLoans4all.com if you have any difficulty. Please apply to the Partners for a loan or a line of credit, whichever they offer.

You may apply to any partner you wish and in any order that you wish. If you receive your full approval amount after applying to just 1 or 2 of the partners, then stop. If not, then apply to more partners as is necessary. You may choose any 10 partners to apply with to fulfill your obligations of the agreement (or you can apply to them all if you wish, but only 10 are necessary). For instance, if there are 14 partners and you have already applied recently to 6 of them, then only apply with the other eight if you need to. The six that you recently applied to will still need to be documented as per the terms and conditions. You also need to keep records of all the results. Please read the terms and conditions again to make sure you are following proper procedures.

As indicated in the terms and conditions, you do not need to apply with one of the partners if you have recently applied with them already. Also, if you already have a loan or line of credit with one of the partners, then you do need to apply with them again. Please follow the procedures outlined in the terms and conditions if this is the case.

We also include a list of Payday Loan Partners and other helpful sources for your convenience. You are NOT required to apply with the Payday Partners or the other helpful sources and they are NOT to be included as one of the 10 partners that you are required to apply with. We offer these partners to you as a back-up and feel free to apply with any or all of them as you see fit.


The Terms and Conditions are available on every single page of our website. The Terms and Conditions to which all customers agree to before making payment are as follows:

VENUE and LIMITATION OF LIABILITY: Under no circumstances, including, but not limited to, negligence, shall Company be liable for any special or consequential damages that result from the use of, or the inability to use, the information furnished to the Client. In no event shall Company be liable to the Client for any or all damages, losses, and causes of action (whether in contract, tort (including, but not limited to, negligence)) or otherwise exceed the amount paid by the Client to Company. ConsumerLoans4all.com is not a lender but refers lending partners to the Client. Any disputes shall be in a court of competent jurisdiction within Lancaster County in the State of Pennsylvania and will be pursuant to the Laws of the State of Pennsylvania. This contract does not become valid and binding until payment is received and accepted at Company’s office in Pennsylvania.

Guarantee and Refund Policy: Company will provide its top lending partners’ information to the Client. Company guarantees that Client will receive approval(s) up to the amount they have requested according to the following guarantee: “If you apply to the lending partners we refer, you will be approved for up to the amount you request from the lending partners or you will receive a prorated refund after documentation of results is provided by mail to ConsumerLoans4all.com. No refunds after 60 days of payment.” Further stipulations are outlined below. Client agrees to pay to Company a one-time processing fee in the amount of $29.95. All sales are final. This contract will become null and void and no refund of processing fee will be given to the Client if any of the following occur: 1) Client has misrepresented their income. 2) Client has misrepresented their email address. 3) Client has misrepresented his/her State of Residence. a) Company will provide lending partner information to Client as needed for client to receive approval amount. Company may provide as many partners as is needed, up to a maximum of ten. b) Client must apply to the lending partners referred by Company. c) Company guarantees the approval amount either as a personal loan or a line of credit or both. d) The approval amount is the total amount approved for collectively from each lending partner referred. e) Client is never obligated to accept a lender’s approval offer, however if an approval offer is made, it is considered an approval as far as this guarantee is concerned. f) Refunds are prorated based on the actual collective approval amounts. Therefore, if 100% of the requested amount is approved, then there is no refund of processing fee. If 50% of the requested amount is approved, then 50% of the processing fee will be refunded. g) Results of the applications must be properly kept by the Client. If a result is sent to the Client through email, then Client must copy or print the result. All documentation must be authentic and must show that it pertains specifically to Client and must not simply be a generic email or letter or other document. All documentation must be mailed to the Company at the Company’s mailing address. h) Lenders that offer personal loans will not require any fees. A line of credit lender may require a small fee. i) Lenders are free to make their own individual decisions regarding approvals and/or interest rates and are under no obligation whatsoever to the Client. j) Clients that have had bankruptcies or are currently in a bankruptcy may have more trouble applying with the lending partners. Some online applications ask a client about bankruptcy. If Client is unable to use online application, then they must apply by phone or in person. According to the Fair Credit Act, a lender CANNOT refuse to take an application REGARDLESS of past credit history or bankruptcy. Client must make sure that the lending partner takes his/her application regardless of bankruptcy situation. k) Company may or may not be affiliated with the referred lending partners. l) If Client has any trouble contacting a lending partner because Company did not provide accurate information, Company will provide Client with the correct information or supply a substitute lending partner’s information, if available. m) It is Client’s responsibility to contact and apply with the lending partners either by internet, phone or in person. n) If Client already has an existing account with one of the lending partners prior to paying the processing fee, then Company will provide a substitute lending partner’s information, if available. Client must first provide a copy of a statement from this lending partner with Client’s name on it to Company which proves that Client already has a loan or line of credit with them. Statement needs to be dated 1-2 months PRIOR to processing fee payment. Old credit accounts that are closed or settled are not acceptable. If Client is currently in bankruptcy negotiations which relate to that lending partner, Client should provide recent documentation to that effect. o) If Client has already applied with a referred lending partner within 60 days prior to payment to Company, then Company will provide a substitute lending partners’ information, if available. Client must first provide the previous denial letter from that lending partner, or if Client does not have one, Client must send a copy of credit report inquiry page to Company showing that lending partner was applied to within 60 days PRIOR to processing fee payment. The inquiry page must be authentic and must show that it pertains specifically to Client and must not be a generic email, letter or other document. p) If Client is unable to apply to a referred lending partner because of lending partner’s service area, then Company will provide a substitute lending partner’s information, if available. q) Clients, if requesting a refund, need to provide documentation of results from each lending partner referred to the Company’s mailing address: ConsumerLoans4all, Refund Dept.,1002 Lititz Pike, Suite 325,Lititz, PA 17543. All documentation needs to be included in the one refund request. If documentation is not complete, refund request will be denied. Only copies should be sent, not originals. Documentation must be authentic. If documentation has been tampered with, refund will automatically be denied permanently. r) No refund requests made by Client will be accepted by Company after 60 days of processing fee payment to Company. s) All documentation must be in the Client’s name, not the Client’s spouse; however, documentation showing the Client applied with a spouse or with a co-signer is acceptable. t) Interest rates are at the discretion of each lending partner and cannot specifically be guaranteed by Company. u) If a referred lending partner changes their website address or website links or makes lending policy changes or changes their phone number, it is not the fault of Company. Company will make every effort to provide Client with the correct and up-to-date information, if possible.