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Below are your payment instructions. We have also sent this information to your email address.
If you don’t see it, please also check your junk and spam folders. It will be from info@PersonalLoansAndCredit.com or simply “Info”.

Once we receive payment, we will deposit your check immediately upon processing (same business day or 1 business day).

We are awaiting your personal check payment.


All personal checks will be deposited and you will be contacted after 15 days have passed. No exceptions.

To make payment by personal check, print this page and mail it to us along with your payment to the
address below.

Personal Checks should be made out to: PersLnsAndCrdt
Mail Personal Checks along with this form to: PersLnsAndCrdt
414 S. Service Rd Suite 297
Patchogue, NY 11772
Amount to Borrow: $
Membership Fee: $59.95