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Once we receive the referral fee, we will process your request and email you, usually within 1 business day or less. The fastest payment method is through money order or certified funds by overnight mail. If you act fast, the whole process can be done within 2 business days, but that’s up to you. Personal loan lenders are usually able to provide funding within a day or two, sometimes the same day. Lines of credit may take longer.

Lenders usually deposit funds directly into your bank account (checking or savings), but you can also get paid by check. The first payment is usually due 30 days after funds are received. If a lender requires any documentation from you, they will let you know. There are no pre-payment penalties on personal loans. If you are interested in any special arrangements, you must work them out with the lenders. As you make monthly payments, the lenders will report your payments to the credit bureaus.

The professionals at PersonalLoanGuarantee have been helping people get loans and lines of credit for over 20 years. Our service is provided to literally THOUSANDS of clients every year. 

Our Guarantee: PersonalLoanGuarantee stands behind its guarantee 100%. You will be approved for the amount you request, or you will receive a refund based on your actual approval amount subject to the terms of service. We have an Agreement in writing, which is available here: https://www.PersonalLoanGuarantee.com/termsagree/

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