Thank you for your message.

The 20 referrals that we sent you are all reputable and honest companies. If one of our referrals is not willing to approve you, they may redirect you to another one of their partner sites. If that happens, take a screenshot of that page, or print it up. It is evidence that you were redirected by that referral. If you wish to apply with any other website that you are redirected to, then that is completely up to you, and at your own risk.

Most, but not all, of the 20 referrals that we sent you only require a soft credit check, which would not affect your credit score at all. We would rather that you apply with our 20 referrals only, because we have no control over other companies and where they might send you. We do not know where you will end up or if you will run into an unscrupulous company, so please be careful.

It is possible that you may have already applied with one or more of our referrals. If so, not to worry. If you have already applied with any of the companies on our referral list within the past 60 days, then you do not need to apply with that company again. If you already have an existing loan or credit line with any of them, then do not apply with them. If they do not service your state or area, then you don’t have to apply. Just apply to the others, as needed.

Regarding these exceptions that we just mentioned, please supply documentation that you have already applied, or already have an existing account, etc. as required in the Stipulations
( ) of the Terms of Service (

Brian Schuller
Personal Loan Guarantee