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Money orders and cashier’s checks are considered certified funds. Money orders are available at the post office, supermarkets and check cashing places, among others. Cashier’s checks are available at banks. Some stores also offer certified checks.

Overnight or Express Mail Service is available at the post office or UPS or FedEx.

If you need it, your account number is 82914.


Instructions on Filling Out a Money Order:

Once you obtain the money order or cashier’s check, the “Pay To” section should say “PersonalLnGuar”. If it doesn’t say it, then write it in.

If there is an address field for our company, then enter “1069 Main Street, Suite 108, Holbrook, NY 11741”

“From” should contain your full name.

If it has an address field for you, then enter your address.

The “memo” field is for you. Enter whatever it is you would like to enter. Please keep the receipt part for your records.

Do NOT sign your name on the back of the money order. That is to be signed by us.


Brian Schuller
Personal Loan Guarantee