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Thank you for your message.

We received your request. Apparently, you misunderstood what we do and what we guarantee.
That is the purpose of having an Agreement and why we provided it to you in the first place. This is what the Agreement says:

1) You choose the guaranteed amount

2) You send us the appropriate referral fee

3) We supply the referrals to you

4) You apply to the referrals directly

5) If you are approved for the full amount that you asked for, then everyone is happy.

6) If you are not approved for the full amount you asked for, you may be entitled to a partial or full refund, depending on the actual amount that you were approved for, after applying with all referrals.

7) If for any reason the full Guaranteed Approval Amount is not reached after all options have been exhausted, then Company will refund the referral fee to the Customer based on the actual approval amount received by Customer collectively from the lenders, subject to the fee schedule and the Terms of Service as indicated on the Company’s website, PersonalLoanGuarantee.com. Total approval amount includes approval amounts for any and all extensions of credit.

8) If you wish to apply for a refund, then you need to supply us with documentation of all approvals and all denials from all referrals.

9) Documentation must be complete and must be mailed to the refund department at the following address:

Refund Department
1069 Main Street – STE 108
Holbrook, NY 11741

10) It might not be necessary to apply with all the referrals, in certain cases. See Stipulations here:


11) The Stipulations also dictate what is considered acceptable and unacceptable documentation.

12) If you wish to apply for a refund then please follow proper procedures as agreed upon in the Agreement and Terms of Service.

13) Terms of Service link is here:  https://personalloanguarantee.com/termsandconditions170501/

Brian Schuller
Personal Loan Guarantee