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Thank you for your message. I’m sorry that you feel that way.

Here again is a summary of our Agreement and we are making you an offer in compromise, below::

We guaranteed that if you applied with our referrals that you would receive the amount you request, otherwise we would refund your fee based on the amount that you are actually approved for collectively from all referrals, subject to the Terms of Service.

Since we provide information and referrals, we have no way of knowing if a customer receives an approval, gets denied or even bothers to apply with our referrals. Therefore, we have no choice but to require the customer, if they request any type of refund, to provide documentation of all approvals and denials to us by mail to the refund department so that the documentation can be examined manually, which is explained in the Terms of Service. This is required because otherwise a customer can merely say, “I wasn’t approved, send me a refund”. We want our customers to receive approvals, of course, but we need to make sure that the customer follows our instructions and is not trying to take advantage of us. I hope you can understand our position. There are also several exceptions to the requirement of applying to some partners, which are outlined in the Terms of Service. Obviously, if a customer is unable to apply to a partner, then they are not required to do so and sometimes they already have an existing loan or credit line with a partner and sometimes they have recently applied with a partner already (within the past 60 days). We also told you that you only needed to apply directly with the referrals that we provided, not the ones that they might also send you to.

We provided you with an Agreement and our terms of service. Please read sections 15 and 16 of the Terms, in particular.

We are a very fair company. It is possible for a customer to only get approved for a small line of credit. If that happens, that the customer is due a substantial refund, provided the customer has not been approved for more, and that the customer can document it, as we explained in both the Agreement and the Terms. That is the whole purpose of having an Agreement.

As an alternative, if you wish, we can provide you with a 50% refund, with no questions asked and with no further obligation on your part. Would you like me to process that for you?

Please let us know.

Email: info@PersonalLoanGuarantee.com
Text (not a phone number):  (929) 379-9250

Brian Schuller
Personal Loan Guarantee