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How does this work?

For complete details, go here: How It Works


I need payment instructions

For generic payment instructions, go here: Payment Instructions


I don’t have an invitation code

If you have already completed our online form and have received instructions about paying us the deposit, then you do NOT need an invitation code anymore and you do not need to do anything else at this point except to pay us the deposit. We will continue our communication with you through email or other means.


What do I do now?

For instructions, go here: Next Step


How Do I Select or Change the Guaranteed Amount That I Want?

If you wish to change the amount you want, please complete our online form again. There is no credit check to complete the form. Go here: https://personalloanguarantee.com/apprvl.ic.77238.3628


I’m Not Sure If I Know the Correct Amount That You Will Bill to Me After I Get Funded

Go here to see the referral fee amount that we will bill to you after you have received funding: https://personalloanguarantee.com/depositschedule


How long does it take to receive my funds?

Personal loans can usually be funded within a day or two, sometimes the same day. Lines of credit may take longer. Funds are usually transferred directly to a bank account by a lender, but funds can also be issued by check. You may need to go directly to a lender’s office to pick up a check but it may also be mailed to you. The first payment is usually due 30 days after funds are received. Lenders will report your monthly payments to the credit bureaus.


Am I guaranteed to be approved?

If you receive a guaranteed amount from us, then you are guaranteed to be approved for that amount subject to the Agreement and Terms of Service.


Can You Take the Deposit Out of the Loan Proceeds?

We cannot take the deposit or balance out of the loan amount because the money will get paid to you directly from the lender. We get paid from our customers for our work, referrals and guarantee.

A lender is not allowed to charge an upfront fee in order to give you a loan. The fee we charge is as a third-party information provider and referral service and it is not a fee for a loan. We do the work, provide the referrals and guarantee the results, subject to the Agreement and Terms of Service. We have been honoring our guarantee and refund policy for the past 20 years and we have had great success.

GUARANTEE: PersonalLoansAndCredit stands behind its guarantee 100%. You will be approved for the amount you request, or we will refund your referral fee based on the actual approval amount, subject to the Agreement and Terms of Service. The professionals at PersonalLoansAndCredit have been helping people get loans and lines of credit for over 20 years. Our service is provided to literally THOUSANDS of clients every year. We have done our research and we are confident that we can help you.

If there are any problems whatsoever, we are here for you and are always willing to work things out with you. All we ask from you is communication and cooperation. We only want satisfied customers.


Are there any more fees after I pay the referral fee?

The only fee we charge is the deposit and then the remainder of the referral fee is billed to you after your funding is received. Personal loan lenders will NOT charge any fees. Lines of credit lenders are different. They may SOMETIMES charge fees, but it will usually come out of the line of credit that they extend, although every company is different.


Can I Apply Jointly with My Spouse or Use a Co-Signer?

Yes, but we don’t need another person’s information at this time, only yours. Once we are dealing directly with a lender, you can include another individual on the application.


Are the loans unsecured? Do I need a co-signer or collateral?

Any guaranteed amounts made are based on you, and you alone, for personal loans and/or lines of credit. No co-signers, home ownership or collateral are necessary as far as the guaranteed amount is concerned.


Can I Get a Business Loan, a Home Loan or a Car Loan?

The guaranteed amount is for a personal loan or line of credit. However, most of our partners also offer other types of loans such as business loans, home loans and vehicle loans.


I need more time to pay the deposit

If you need more time to pay the deposit, please email us.


How much have I been approved for?

You get to choose the amount that you want. Our guarantee still stands.


Are the interest rates guaranteed?

The interest rates are estimated based on our experience but ultimately it is up to each individual lender to make that determination. Ultimately, you are never under any obligation to accept a lender’s offer if you do not like the interest rate.


What will my monthly payments be?

You can use this Monthly Payment Calculator to estimate monthly payments:


Can I speak with someone on the phone?

For general questions and answers, please read our Frequently Asked Questions

For specific needs, status update, or for any other questions, please EMAIL us at:

Phone support is not yet available, but we are working on it.