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How It Works:

Once you have selected the guaranteed amount that you want to receive and have paid us the appropriate deposit ($125 for unverified customers and $50 for verified customers), we will provide your information to our Select Partners as well as provide you with additional partners for you to apply with directly, if you choose to do so. You are never under any obligation to apply with a partner or to accept a partner’s lending offer. It is completely up to you.

GUARANTEE: PersonalLoansAndCredit stands behind its guarantee 100%. You will be approved for the amount you request, or we will refund your referral fee based on the actual approval amount, subject to the Agreement and Terms of Service. The professionals at PersonalLoansAndCredit have been helping people get loans and lines of credit for over 20 years. Our service is provided to literally THOUSANDS of clients every year. We have done our research and we are confident that we can help you.


Step 1: Complete Our Online Form (if you have already done this, then skip to Step 2)
Our online form is available here: Online Form

Step 2: Send Us the Deposit amount as per your Instructions
General Payment Instructions are available here: Payment Instructions
After your deposit has been received and cleared, we will email you our Full Form which needs to be completed so we can proceed.

Step 3: That’s all, we will take it from there and keep you informed throughout the process.
For details of the process again, go here: How It Works


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